There’s something about Jane

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is something about Jane Austen.

She creates universal characters who (although they wear skin-tight breeches and use multi-syllabic words like obsequiousness, perturbation and palliation) still feel modern and real. Who among us hasn’t said something rashly, and regretted it later? Meant to say something nice, and had it come out all wrong? Been forced into pleasantries with someone they disliked?

Lizzy is the gal we all hope to be– charming, beguiling, and endlessly witty. She is traditional, yet also an unconventional upstart. She is respectful, yet she can deliver a zinger with a twinkle in her eye. She is utterly herself, and utterly a delight.

Darcy is enigmatic and sullen. He speak few words, and those he does speak seem laced with contempt and scorn. Hardly your typical hero! And yet, beneath it all, we recognize the strength of his character and the goodness of his heart. He smolders at the mere sight of Lizzy, and that passion propels him down paths he never knew existed.

There is something about Jane Austen. Her characters speak to your heart and your soul, and never let you go.


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