It certainly isn’t their teeth

I’m a sucker for a guy with a British accent. Not that I come across them often in my day-to-day life (unfortunately). But give me any movie star bumbling along with a dashing British accent, and I’ll buy a ticket. All the better if you dress him up in some confining period clothing and stick him on a horse.

There is something disarmingly charming about a British accent. Is it the polite but self-depricating style? The randy double entendres that add a little sauciness to any statement? The nervous hand-wringing and leg-crossing that accompanies any comment? Whatever the formula, it has been refined for centuries and is deliciously perfect.

I don’t think that English gentlemen are inherently good-looking. Especially if they smile and show a lot of teeth. The English can be a pale lot, undoubtedly due to the rain and overcast weather. And they can look downright curmudgenly (think Prince Philip or even Prince Edward in tweed). It’s all about the accent.

My husband certainly doesn’t get it (although he happily humors me). He looks at me in puzzlement as I swoon over a Brit on a horse. He is especially perplexed as I swoon over them in tights and a waistcoat. If he could only work on changing his accent…


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