He’s just not that into you

Earth to Caroline Bingley. Hello? Do you copy?

You can fawn, strut, prance and flatter all you want. Mr. Darcy is just not that into you. He’ll never tell you that he’s not interested. But he’s not. Here’s how you can tell:

Maybe He Doesn’t Want to Ruin the Friendship
Darcy is friends with your brother. He’s not really friends with you. Exhibit A: True friendship between a man and a woman wasn’t really possible in 1811. (Some say it’s never possible, but it certainly ain’t possible in 1811. It’s hard to be friends if you can never be alone together.) Exhibit B: He doesn’t seek out your company– he only endures it when you’re with Bingley and the Hursts. Exhibit C. He regularly disagrees with or dismisses anything you have to say. Not good signs.

Maybe He’s Intimidated by Me
You are overbearing, condescending, petty, and even downright mean. But I don’t think Darcy is intimidated by you. Remember, he is pretty arrogant and proud himself. I don’t think the word intimidated has ever entered his vocabulary.

Maybe He Wants to Take It Slow
Any slower, and he’d be in reverse. As in running away! Darcy didn’t just meet Bingley and he didn’t just meet you. If he wanted to marry you, you’d already know. He’s not taking it slow. It’s really a no. As in no way. Never. Nuh-uh.

I am sorry to pain you, Miss Bingley-but there it is. He’s just not that into you. 


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