Despise me if you dare

I am about to commit Pride and Prejudice heresy. You have been warned. I am going to question the infamous “pond scene.” Despise me if you dare.

 If you aren’t familiar with this scene (meaning you aren’t female), it’s from the 1995 BBC mini-series where a brokenhearted Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) jumps into a pond to cool off after a long day of riding. He walks back to Pemberley in a soaking wet linen shirt (think Gentlemen Gone Wild, circa 1812) and runs into Lizzy and the Gardiners.

This scene catapulted Colin Firth into the stratospheres of hunkiness. I like the scene just fine, and have done my share of rewinding (like our gal Bridget Jones).

But let’s imagine the scene in real-life — with our sense of smell in tact.  Although it seems dreamy on camera, I don’t think we would be swooning if we were suddenly met a stinky, algae covered, seaweedy Mr. Darcy. The shades of Pemberley may not have been polluted, but the pond sure was a tad murky.



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