These boots are made for walking

I posted that the “Pond Scene” wasn’t one of my favorite Mr. Darcy scenes from the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I actually a short snippet just after the “Pond Scene” much better.

In the “Pond Scene,” we have a dripping wet and underdressed Mr. Darcy, meeting Lizzy on the grounds of Pemberley. They exchange a few startled words, both of them suprised and uncormfortable at discovering the other. He excuses himself and returns to the house. Lizzy wants to leave immediately, perplexing the Gardiners.

I love the short scene that comes next. We see Mr. Darcy running down the steps of Pemberley, still buttoning his suit coat. He is so rushed that the servant scrambles to close the door behind him. He looks for the visitors, striding quickly toward their carriage.

This little scene tells so much about Mr. Darcy’s transformation. He is eager to show that he has changed, and has a very short time to show Lizzy how he has transformed. In most scenes, we see a reserved and inactive Darcy — sitting, strolling, standing, staring.

But here we see him full of movement and action– striding, striving, eagerly conversing. He knows that he has a short time and a few actions to covey to Lizzy that he has taken her reprimands to heart, he has changed, and he still loves her.

There is so much action and intention in this scene– so different that the Darcy we have come to know. Plus he is wearing breeches and boots!



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