Home sweet home

I love the contrast Jane Austen creates between Rosings and Pemberley. Both houses tell so much about the personality and characteristics of their owners.

Pemberley House, the Darcy family home for generations, is certainly grand and impressive. It speaks of wealth and a long legacy. “Old money,” as they say. But it is also elegantly straight-forward, not overly decorated or adorned. The surrounding landscape is also impeccable, but highlights the natural beauty of the countryside. Like Darcy himself, the house is proud but does not disguise itself with unnecessary grandiosity or disguise.

Rosings Park, on the other hand, is intended to show off in a very obvious fashion. The gardens are heavily manicured and formally styled. The windows are intentionally numerous, and the furnishings are ornate. If Pemberley is “old money,” then Rosings is “nouveau riche.” In fact, the building is described as modern, in contrast to the generations of families who have lived at Pemberley. Just like her home, Lady Catherine likes to display her wealth and superior status for all to see.



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