Mamma Mia

Please permit me a little diversion from our regularly scheduled programming (namely Pride and Prejudice musings) to offer some musings on Colin Firth in Mamma Mia. I may include what you would consider to be SPOILERS, so be warned.

Our dear Colin Firth is showing a few signs of aging. Granted, he is still pretty dreamy. But his portrayal of Harry Bright won’t make you swoon as much. Here are a few examples:

PAISLEY PANTS: Mr. Darcy would never, never, ever sport gray paisley pants and white keds. It could be worse, though. At first, I thought they were snakeskin. Nonetheless, not the best look.

LIFE PRESERVER: He also sported a life preserver for several scenes, even on land. Was this to conceal his torso? Should he have done a few more sit-ups? Used a little self-tanner? Or is Harry really that bad of a swimmer?

There were a few things that were worse, though. Including listening to Pierce Brosnan sing virtually any song, Julie Waters’ grating voice, and seeing Stellan Skarsgard’s arse.

And there were a few things that were great:

FINAL CREDITS: You have to stay for all the credits, for the main characters all ham it up (in full seventies regalia) to the song Waterloo. Priceless!

YACHT: The scenes on the yacht were pretty good, before Colin Firth donned the life preserver. They kept his torso pretty concealed, and apparently deemed his legs to be the best asset for viewing. From this photo, I’d say that was a very good call.


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