Love and Marriage

I just read a thought-provoking question: Did Caroline Bingley love Mr. Darcy?

To me, the first part of this question is around the concept of Regency love. Lizzy and Mr. Darcy were rare for their day, in that they valued love and compatibility in a marriage.

For most in the characters in Pride and Prejudice, marriage is a transaction to which love has no relevance. The passion that we correlate with modern love wasn’t part of the equation.

So, do I think Miss Bingley “loved” Mr. Darcy, in the modern sense of the word? No. But I do think she loved what he could offer her. Wealth. Status. Security. Influence. Importance. And that was enough to constitute love in 19th century England.


One response to “Love and Marriage

  1. That IS an interesting question and one that I have certainly never considered before. I agree that Caroline Bingley didn’t actually love Mr Darcy, but just wanted what she knew she would get by becoming his wife. I think she probably wanted it even more when Lizzy came along, because there was more of a challenge then and she was also jealous.

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