Pride and Prejudice
(VHS/DVD- BBC 1995)

A definate must-see for any Darcy Maniac. This tour de force features impeccable casting, an accurate and wonderfully paced screenplay and beautiful imagery. I can’t even count how many times I have seen it. Invite all your girlfriends over– open a bottle of wine, pop some popcorn, and get ready to be swept away. You’ll never look at a smelly green pond the same way again.

Three big sighs for Colin Firth. Swoon. Jane, pray bring me my smelling salts.





The Making of Pride and Prejudice
(ISBN: 9780140251579)

When the BBC movie ends and you are left breathlessly pleading, “more, More, MORE,” this book is just the ticket. Behind the scenes info and pictures on the cast, screenplay, and entire production process. I especially enjoyed the interview with Colin Firth (la!). His insights about unlocking the enigma of Mr. Darcy are fascinating.



Pride and Prejudice
(VHS/DVD- 2005)

While it maybe a good introduction for the non-obsessed Pride and Prejudice fan (meaning not yours truly), this version is utterly infuriating for the I-can-recite-the-book-word-for-word vigilante (meaning yours truly).

The scenes are combined and squished together to keep to a reasonable running time, resulting in the loss of much of the delight and subtlety in the book. Plus, there are many scenes that just would NOT HAPPEN as depicted in the book.

Lady Catherine visiting Longbourn in the middle of the night — never! Fastidious Mr. Darcy roaming around the countryside half dressed — I don’t think so! Lizzy peeping like a stalker at Darcy and Georgiana in the Pemberley music room — please! Darcy proposing the first time outside in the pouring rain — unthinkable!  


The screenplay simplifies and dumbs-down Jane Austen’s brilliant prose, losing most of its wit and charm. The characters are informally attired and rather dirty. I mean grungy dirty, like they didn’t bathe, comb their hair or have their clothes tailored at all….ever. Certainly NOT my image of Mr. Darcy.

The only fun in the movie is finding all the follies and inaccuracies– kind of like Where’s Waldo or a demented drinking game. Why is a pig roaming inside the Bennet’s buildings? Would Mr. Darcy really wait outside with the chickens at Longbourn, while Lizzy tells Mr. Bennet of their engagement? And why does Mr. Bingley look creepily like Prince Harry?


Becoming Jane
(VHS/DVD- 2007)

A charming and fluffly story that portrays Jane Austen’s life during the time she writes the first version of Pride and Prejudice, called First Impressions. This fanciful story says that a spurned Jane pours her heart into her broken heart into her writing.


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  1. So agree.The BBC version rocked, and Keira Knightley?
    I felt the casting, chemistry and just about everything about the 2005 version made me disappointed about our time and our movies.

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